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The Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic Personalized 6-Step Treatment Plan

At Rocky Mountain Vein Clinic, we've put a great deal of thought into developing our personalized 6-Step Treatment Plan. Our plan is designed to ensure that you receive comprehensive, compassionate, and effective treatment that will return you to your normal, active lifestyle as soon as possible.

RMVC's Personalized 6-Step Treatment Plan

1. Symptom Recognition

  • Personalized interview
  • Review personal history
  • Discuss symptoms

2. Examination and Ultrasound

  • Thorough physical exam
  • Vascular ultrasound and vein mapping

3. Patient Education

  • Review treatment options
  • Recommend course of treatment
  • Tailored for your lifestyle and goals

4. Choosing a Treatment Plan

  • Discuss recommended plan
  • Ensure treatment meets your lifestyle and goals

5. Venous Treatment

  • Primary vein procedures are managed by a board certified general surgeon or Diplomate of the American Board of Phlebology.
  • Other vein treatments administered by board certified physicians.
  • For more specific details on our medical staff visit Meet Dr. Johnson and Staff section.

6. Long-term Care Plan

  • Develop long-term care plan
  • Ensure healthy legs for the future

Your Partners In Care

Big Sky UltrasoundRocky Mountain Vein Clinic has partnered with Big Sky Ultrasound one of the most talented groups in the field of ultrasound. Michelle Dillon, owner of Big Sky Ultrasound,
has been associated with RMVC since our inception and provides the highest quality care in the industry.

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